Podcast – What is Rewilding anyway?


Rewilding is a hot topic in conservation. But what does it actually mean?

There’s an identity crisis afoot, as people struggle to put their finger on what it actually is. How different is it from ‘traditional’ conservation in restoring habitats and species? What do you define as a ‘natural’ process? Are species reintroductions an important part  of it, and what species determine whether it’s rewilding?

This podcast hopes to provide some answer to that. I’ll be travelling the length of the country speaking to practicioners, proponents and critics of rewilding to gauge their experience, opinion, and asking them “what is rewilding anyway?”

Episode 1 Derek Gow – Ecologist, farmer & reintroductions specialist

Episode 2 Dr Steve Carver – Academic and Director of the Wildland Research Institute

Episode 3 Neil Heseltine – Hill Farmer