Blogs for the Independent: Pangolins in Peril

An illegal trade just as devastating, and to the same markets, as that of rhino horn and elephant ivory. It threatens to wipe out entire species’ of pangolin, the likes of which have been unique and unchanged for over 60 million years.

But did you even know what a pangolin was? You’d be in the majority if you didn’t. And that’s exactly where the problem lies.

Find out more in my latest article for the Indy 

Independent Blogs: Naturalists of the Future

My latest piece for the Independent, where despite the doom-and-gloom talk of less young people getting outdoors (though I can’t talk; see The Loss of Childhood), I shine a ray of hope by highlighting six excellent examples of young naturalists that give hope for the future of conservation.

Where are the young naturalists these days? The next generation of conservationists